Can A Dog Die From Flea Bites?

When a dog has fleas it is a serious problem. Fleas not only bite the dog and make them uncomfortable they can infect the entire house. One flea can cause a complete infestation. Fleas are a pain but they can present many health risks for a pet. Many pet owners wonder can a dog die from flea bites?


One flea needs can do serious damage to the red blood cell count of the dog. If a dog has 70 fleas on it or more they will drink 1 milliliter of blood within a couple of days. This can cause severe anemia is sets especially puppies and older dogs. Within a month the pet can be dead. Fleas should not be left untreated once they are on the dog, your dog needs theĀ best flea treatment flea treatment


Some dogs can be allergic to flea saliva. This can bring on a condition known as dermatitis. A pet will have an allergic reaction to the flea salvia which causes itching, scratching, and irritated skin. Some pets have such a severe reaction they can go into anaphylactic shock and will die if they do not get immediate medical attention.


Flea bites can cause a rash on the dog. Areas that are extra sensitive on the stomach and the groin since there is little fir in these areas. The rash will be red and bumpy. They may develop into pustules and look like boils. The pet may chew on these areas in order to stop the itching. When a pet is biting on their skin they may get a major skin infection that can lead to death.
Fleas are more than just an annoying pest. If a dog becomes infected with fleas it can lead to health conditions that can kill them. A flea problem should not be ignored and the dog owner must immediately take measures to get rid of the fleas and prevent them from coming back.

How Do Parents Handle A Disrespectful Teenage Son?

Real Teenager Male
Real Teenager Male

What parents need to understand about parenting is this. It is not something that is considered to be a popularity contest. It is something that is truly difficult and a real challenge to do at times. Being a parent isn’t easy, but the one truth about it is this, it is a constant learning process on both ends. You, as a parent, also learn as do your children. Both of you do learn equally from each other on all fronts. The one thing that must be established early on with parenting is this. Parents are the only ones in control and in charge. Kids aren’t. You, as a parent, are the only one who has the power to set limitations. Kids aren’t your partner or peer. You establish what is what with them from the onset. With all this said, another thing is necessary, and that is for children to respect both their mother and father equally as parents. Disrespect is not to be tolerated. How to deal with disrespectful children? How do parents handle a disrespectful teenage son? The answer is this. You must act swiftly as a parent to put your son in his place. He lives in your home, under your roof, and you will not tolerate any type of rude, crude, or blatantly disrespectful behavior from him or any of your other children even if he is an antisocial teenager.

Kids think they can test their parents. They also think they can be mean and disrespectful to adults. This kind of wrong thinking is wrong indeed. It is something that pop culture does strongly encourage in kids and teens. Pop culture in the form of movies, television, music, and internet sites is what does glorify cruel, crude, and disrespectful behavior. Kids that are into pop culture in a major way do tend to think that these ways are the right ways and they are far from right in assuming that. According to, kids who allow themselves to be taught by pop culture to answer their parents back and put their parents and teachers down are totally wrong. If a disrespectful teenage son does get out of line, the best way to handle him is this way, and that is to come down on him like judgment day. This means take full action and don’t back down. First of all, tell him his behavior is unacceptable to you, but don’t show him that you are taking it personally.

Do remain stern as a parent and turn the tide. How does a parent turn the tide? If your son continues to be disrespectful to you, take the bull by the horns, and let him know who is boss in your home. Stress to him that his behavior is wrong and unacceptable. You will not accept it. He either changes his attitude and approach or you will change it for him. The best way to do this is to ground him and take privileges away. Actions speak louder than words and now is the time to become the heavy parent. You are responsible to fully correct any adolescent son or daughter who is blatantly stepping out of line. The best way to make him tow the line is by daring him to go ahead and cross over the line that is your authority. A disrespectful teenage son is a son that must change his behavior and outlook. If he refuses to, you will help him change his mind, by punishing him accordingly and asserting your parental position. You can achieve this best by using action and not just words. Continue to be strong, stern, and never let your kid push you and your spouse around. If a kid tries to take an inch, don’t give them a yard, and you must get the advantage back. Discipline is the key that works.